The Fear and Now

The Fear and Now began as Ben Montoya’s interdisciplinary Master’s Project through NYU’s Center for Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement. It started out as a thesis that would evaluate the renaissance of audio fiction that has slowly evolved alongside the corporate rise of podcasts. But instead of writing about a medium that depends so heavily on orality and the richness of sound, it seemed more fitting to produce a podcast that could better cite the material itself.

Similar to media history podcasts like You Must Remember This and analysis podcasts like Dissect, The Fear and Now is an attempt to make the history of radio drama and the aesthetics of horror legible through sound. For a more in-depth explanation of this project and its academic rationale, visit the Scholarly Introduction page.

Ben Montoya

The Fear and Now is produced, recorded, scored and researched by Ben Montoya, a podcast and music producer based in Santa Fe, NM. In addition to working on The Fear and Now, Ben is also a host on the weekly comedy podcast I Chews You, a podcast about cooking and eating Pokemon. He has also been a producer for the NYU based podcast Multispecies Worldbuilding Lab and an intern for the Out There podcast.